Podcast: Life is a Journey

Our worlds couldn't be any more different: however they were brought together this past summer, untied through our shared love of Surfing. I was first introduced to Ramjan during his debut on the Big Screen in a Surf Documentary called Gum for my Boat. At the time I would have never been able to guess years later we would be sharing a boat, moped, barber chair or waves on one of the biggest adventures of our lives.  

In this episode we spend some time exploring all of life’s crazy turns that brought us to this place. I learn about what life is like growing up in Bangladesh, how surfing was introduced and about his dreams of opening his own Surf School and Orphanage in Cox’s Bazar. Ramjan has dreamt big, so big in fact his project has found a special spot in my heart. Coming to learn about what a wide spread change has been created in his community though the simple sport of surfing gets me fired up.

People have been trying to talk me in to going to Bangladesh for years and it had gained zero traction. In spending time on this trip considering that sometimes identifying the things you don't want to do are exactly the things you should focus on doing helped reshape my perspective. I want to be a part of it…I want to go to Bangladesh and spend more time with Ramjan and his community building something special…I want you all to come with me. So who’s in? 

Life is Journey…Just focus on whatever’s in front of you