Podcast: It doesn’t take an Organization

In this episode Ferriy Bagus tells us about what he has done to create the change he wants to see in this world. He has taken to his network to fundraise the money to pay for the schooling cost for an amazing group of children at the Jewel of the Nation Orphanage. He has invited me to join him in delivering the fruits of his efforts directly to the people it is going to impact. He said something in this conversation that has stuck with me since. “It doesn’t take an Organization.” You can do it yourself. I realized I don’t need to fill out an application to volunteer with and organization, I don’t need to wait until the next facebook fundraiser to donate. I can do something right now.


This day changed me. I loved all of it. I was so focused on the ride there on conditions and circumstances that had taken place these allow children to get there. I quickly realized after spending sometime with them that it didn’t matter. All I could see was the enormous potential in each of them. These kids where so full of joy and happiness. You could see it in there eyes and hear it in their laughter. I loved it and saw what amazing things Ferriy has done and what everyone involved with this organization is doing. I considered the fact that most of the people I look up to and enjoy learning from are not the ones who came from the perfect situations; they are the ones who have overcome adversity to do something special. These kids.

I might not change a million lives but I might be able to help the one person that does.

I want join Ferriy and lead along with him. I am putting out the challenge to my friends to partner with me in doing so. With the number of Downloads this thing gets we should be able to make a signification impact. I will match dollar for dollar the funds we raise to go directly to this great cause. Lets raise a thousand bucks together. My stretch goal is $10k. If we can get to Ten Thousand dollars I will take someone with me to give it to the kids. If we can get over $10k I will put all the names that donated (even $1) in a hat and I will take one of them with me for an all expense paid mission to Indonesia to deliver the money and meet my friends over on the islands.  Want to create change? I do.

Want to Partner with me and Donate? ---> davidrabe@gmail.com