Through The eyes of A Lion

I love books. I love gifting my friends books that I have enjoyed and learned from. I really love being blessed with friends that think of me and gift me with books they think I will like. One of the highest honors in my life.

My Pastor and favorite authors Judah Smith posted about this book I few months ago. I had intended to eventually get to it; but when I was handed it by a dear friend that had a personal connection to the Author/Pastor Levi Lusko it instantly made its way to the top of my list. Perfect timing considering  I would have some free time over vacation.

Levi left Southern California to plant a church in Montana. Levi is a young pastor who is doing big things and building powerful ministry that is touching thousands. He and his wife have created what is close to my definition of a family. Four beautiful girls who he is an amazing loving father to. Things seemed close to picture perfect, right before tragedy struck. One of his baby girls was taken from this earth. My brain cant wrap my head around the pain that this must have on a Father/Pastor/Man. I don't know how you get out of bed in the morning let alone lead a community in teaching about how God is good.

This book is about just that: how to have faith and Love in Tragedy. When first getting into this book, I felt it was all good information but maybe I should just shelve is because right now in life: I am doing great. Why would I need a book on keeping faith during the worst of times. Levi provided an answer to that; because tragedy, sorrow , sadness and even death… is coming. Now is the time to prepare for that storm. As dark as it sounds there is a lot of light in it. I loved it. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak more about it at HIllsong last week and it was amazing. 

We have all had situations in our lives where we wish we could just turn and run. But how would we face our fears if we knew that God had a purpose for our pain? In this sermon from guest speaker Levi Lusko, Lead Pastor of Fresh Life Church in Montana, we learn how to see the struggles in our lives through a new lens.