Recipe: Viking Greens

I constantly get asked about Diet and Nutrition. So I decided to share some of my recipes on here. The most notorious is the Viking Greens. I have been doing a version of this daily for the past three years and can be spotted with a full Nalgene bottle walking into work each morning. A very common response I get is “I don’t know how you drink that stuff, doesn’t it taste like S#@T?”. Well not to me as I am more concerned with performance rather than a quick reward. To me cake, candy, pasta and soda taste terrible because I know the short and long term effects it will have on my health and overall human performance. I always say intaking this nutrition gets my day started right and make me feel at least 10 % better.

I will recommend a high Performance blender either Vitamix or BlendTec; I was hesitant to purchase because they are not cheap but it has turned out to be by far one of the best investments I have ever made and have used it almost every day going on three years with no problem. If you are in southern California I will recommend Growers Direct to pick up your grown ingredients; high quality and cheap in price. I will load up every 5 days.


-          2 Limes Squeezed

-          I Lemon Squeezed

-          1oz of Ginger

-          ½ Cucumber

-          1 Bushel of Kale (de-vined)

-          I Avocado

-          ½ Bushel of Asparagus

-          3-4 lengths of Celery

-          2 Carrots

-          1 Apple

-          1 oz. of Hemp Hearts

-          1 Tablespoon of Caveman Coffee MCT Oil

-          1 Teaspoon of ONNIT Himalayan SeaSalt

-          12 oz. of Filtered Water

Process: Throw it all in and blend

Result: will be aprox 40 oz. of goodness. I will drink 12 oz. Immediately then save the rest for when I arrive at my desk in the morning. Try it and let me know what you think.