Garden City

Whenever people ask me what it is I do I respond with; “That's a complicated question.” Yes, I have a job that I receive a pay check for every two weeks. I also do a multitude of other “stuff”.  I am passionate about my job but I can’t say it’s my passion. My passion is spending time with others, to tell people about Jesus and help show others we can all live better. I spend most of my days looking at my day job as box to check so I can get on with the fun stuff.

In this book John Mark presents us with different potential perspective on how we think about the meaningfulness of our jobs  “whatever it is you do – cooking, building, teaching, writing, mothering, project managing, beehive keeping – if you do it as an act of worship to God and expression of love and service to humanity, that's enough.” Maybe my job is more fulfilling than I allow it to be, maybe what I am doing is good enough.

I have such a hard time this year in feeling that my goals have been set to low. That I choose goals that are totally possible with only a few weeks of effort; as if I am ordering off the menu at chipotle. What about if I went Big and set something that scared me?

“Just remember one last thing: if your dreams are all about you, then your dreams are way too small. You need to dream larger. Larger than your job or career or net worth or name or body. You need dreams as large as Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom. “

If you are searching for meaningfulness in your work, feeling burnt out of just reaching for more balance, then this book is for you.