The Grand Paradox:

This book has been in my queue for few months, when it was delivered by amazon I did a quick skim through and realized it was packed with information. It is written in short continent chunks each compiling extensive perspective on a specific topics. I had set it aside for a bit of time until I cold give it my full attention. The title of this book is powerful; bold enough to get me questioned about what was contained in the writings on numerous occasions while walking with it in hand and while reading it in coffee shops. I enjoyed the conversations it initiated but I was continually being asked, “What is the Grand Paradox?” I was not able to provide a comprehensive answer while I was in the middle of reading the book because there were to many Pradox’s of faith that were specifically explored throughout the text to cite just one example. However in the end, this is what I can say the book is about; the paradox of having belief in God.

Having faith raises a lot of questions for us on how these teachings that seems ancient fit in to our modern lives. Most of us have been raised to not question the teachings of the bible or paradoxes we identify where science conflicts with how we are guided to live with in faith. It is exactly what I love thinking about, how we can find the beauty in the complex and embrace it.