The Heroic Path: In search of the Masculine Heart

I am always searching, mostly for answers but also new books. I came across this book by happenstance, I was browsing the Suggested pictures page on Instagram and I saw one of the Kids from Duck Dynasty post holding it. So I amazon searched the book and it seemed right up my alley.

This book is about a new vision of Manhood. How our society has lost our Rites of Passage leaving most modern men ill equipped for becoming whole as designed. This book takes us through where we have gotten it wrong and has designed a mystic path for us to get it right through the following steps:

Severance – An intentional leaving behind our old self. Getting up and breaking free to make a change.

Confrontation – Coming face to face with an uncomfortable and scary reality outside our comfort zones. So scary in fact it has become what has turned us away from the process of becoming men through this process of passage.

Transformation – The resulting change that occurs with confrontation. The development of strength.

Return – The return home forever change from the journey.

Most of us want to steer clear from the fires of the forge. We want to avoid the hammer and the anvil. But these are the very places where we are purified and shaped into our eternal destiny.

For the man who goes into the forge and onto the anvil, his life is changed. The man who surrenders to the Consuming Fire welcomes the sweat and strain, as he is re-formed into something sharp and powerful and deadly. His very life is put into the forge-Fire pressed and cold hammered into something else entirely.

This is our Transformation.