It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways


I love Amazon. I love it because I am able to give used books a new life on the cheap. One time I bought an old textbook on Hydrodynamics, my thought was that I would learn more about surfboard design. I am 100% honest when I say I could not even keep up reading through the first page of the Introduction. It now sits on my book shelf and is the first book I get called out on by anyone of my friends who is browsing though the selection to see what I am reading. I do enjoy books that are heavy in information but I also like books that flow between chapters so I can hammer a few chapters out on the beach. This book is a great combination written on a topic everyone can use a little more information about, Food and its relationship with our bodies. I feel like I have put in a decent amount of effort in learning about diet, nutrition and food but this book still blew me away on how much of the basic principles I was missing. Dallas and Melissa Hartwig wrote this book in support of their 30 day nutritional reset program and even though I hate getting pitched on some new diet fad it supports the basic principles of your diet being based on nutrient dense foods. The program itself can be very beneficial in opening people’s eyes in regards to how powerful your nutrition is in fixing many of the common issues many people’s bodies have been forced to deal with over the years. I am a big advocate of nutrition being the base of self improvement. If you want more energy, to fix nutrition related problems or a way to teach your parents to eat healthier then pick up this book.